Campus area (with demonstration center), source: EFZN, Anna Tietze

Battery Safety

Nowadays, batteries can be found in nearly all technical appliances and they have to deal with increasingly higher requirements. In the age of electric mobility and stationary large-scale plants, batteries have to cope with constantly higher loads and stresses. Additionally, more and more Li-Ion batteries are moving into our homes as “home storages” for photovoltaic installations. The facilities and academic institutions on our campus are continuously working on various research projects concerned with the current and future challenges linked to these fast-paced developments in battery technology.

The provision of maximum safety for mobile and stationary appliances, as well as for the people who come in contact with them, is the main focus of the Campus for Battery Safety Germany.

Our Campus in the Economic Region Goslar

Centered in the economic region Goslar, a large range of battery safety options is displayed on an area of over 40.000 m². A multitude of players can be found on the campus, from internationally active institutions to academic facilities to innovative start-ups. Young entrepreneurs, experienced professors and managers come together to develop common visions in a pleasant work environment. Profit as well from the unique and constantly growing environment and inform yourself on the possibilities of active participation in research projects or even the establishment of an industrial location on campus.

Day Care Center and Conference Center on Campus

Aside from the institutions on site, you will encounter an outstanding infrastructure, especially in respect to the compatibility between work and family. A day care center for children will be provided on campus as of 2018. Additionally, a new state of the art conference center is scheduled to open in 2018 as well, in order to provide an attractive framework for events.

Settling Down on Campus

Multiple possibilities are offered to start-ups and businesses. For example, rooms can be let at the Technology and Start-Up Center (TGZ) according to your desires. For anyone who wants more, the option of purchasing existing properties or even the construction of entirely new properties is given. Simply contact us if you are interested.

Our Goal

The common goal of the players on site is to move forward and develop future-oriented, innovative technical solutions in the face of increasingly complex challenges. High-Power batteries in particular which are subjected to extreme loads and stresses have to be safe and cannot be the cause of uncontrollable effects. Our goal, therefore, is to develop safety concepts for batteries by joining scientific and economic research projects. Only then can we profit from future-oriented technologies such as electric mobility, which are of growing economic interest to regions like Germany.

Who We Are

The Campus for Battery Safety Germany is a joint initiative of significant players in the economic region Goslar and beyond. Examples of the parties involved are the Alliance for the Region GmbH, the CUTEC-Institute GmbH., the Energy Research Center of Lower Saxony, the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (Department for Fiber Optic Sensor Systems), the district and city Goslar, the Technical University Clausthal, the Business Development of the Region Goslar GmbH & Co.KG and the Wolfsburg AG.

With our joint activities and existing expertise, we are continuously evolving the site that is the Campus for Battery Safety Germany.