Battery and Sensor Test Center, Source: EFZN

The core of the instrumental equipment on site is the Battery and Sensor Test Center which enables the execution of electric, dynamic load tests of up to 1000 V / 1200 A (1.2 MW) on an area of 1,500 sqm.

Novel fiber-optic sensor systems record the physical properties of cells and battery systems, as well as the space and time profiles of their heat development / expansion in real time. Harmful gases emitted in cases of gas evolution or combustion of the tested batteries are examined and interpreted scientifically by gas analytics. The functionality of the battery systems can be analyzed further under controlled climatic conditions.

Furthermore, the Battery and Sensor Test Center contains two fire test furnaces with a downstream flue gas cleaning installation. In these furnaces, thermal load tests (for e.g. uniform-temperature-time-curve, fuel fire test) can be conducted.

With this equipment, the behavior of batteries subjected to extreme situations can be recorded systematically and to a great extent, and adequate safety concepts can be developed and tested.

What is more, together with our partners we can offer you concepts for the proper disposal of your batteries.